Supporting The Studio@620

Our mission is too engage people from diverse communities to nourish the arts through performance, education, exhibition and the spoken word. In other words, the Studio@620 belongs to you. We invite your participation in our exhibit openings, plays, social justice forums, film cafes and the myriad of other programs that are offered in our unique space. We welcome your recommendations and your creative offerings as we continue to deepen and diversify our audiences and activities. And, we ask for your financial support as we do these things.

As a friend, you know that we depend on the support of our volunteers, members and donors---and some friends wear all three hats. Your support enables us to get new programs up and running, maintain our wonderful space, mount quality exhibits and performances, reach out to our entire community, and most importantly, support an ever growing community of artists and emerging artists from across the region. There are several ways to give to the Studio@620:

Individual Sponsorships and Restricted Gifts

You may restrict your gift for a special purpose such as giving to a specific play, performance or series of events. If you are interested in designating your gift for a particular purpose, please contact our Artistic Director, Bob Devin Jones at 727-895-6620. 

The Red Circle

Since its founding in 2007, the Red Circle has received generous support from dedicated friends who have recognized the need to secure the financial foundation of the Studio for years to come. A gift of $6,200 qualifies a donor as a Red Circle Founder or Sponsor. Benefits include:

  • Lifetime membership
  • Commissioned piece of original art work
  • Invitation for dinner with prominent guest artists
  • 10% discount on all purchases---art and Studio merchandise
  • And, of course, preferred seating and complimentary beverages.

Additionally, the first twelve Red Circle Founders receive

  • Complimentary use of the Studio for one private event a year, and
  • Sponsor recognition at all Studio events for one month every year

The Studio gratefully acknowledges the ongoing generosity and sustaining support of the Red Circle:

Red Circle Founders:

  • Katee Tully & Helen Levine
  • Mark & Wendy Durand
  • Lynda Stolzman
  • Bill & Hazel Hough
  • Norm & Mirella Smith
  • Dr. Susan Beaven
  • Dar Webb & Clint Page
  • Michael & Linda Connelly
  • J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation
  • Hal Freedman & Willi Rudowsky
  • Kevin Lane & Eric Davis
  • Dennis & Angie Lehane

Red Circle Sponsors:

  • Merle & Myrna Allshouse
  • Al May
  • Sylvia Rusche
  • Peter & Helen Wallace
  • Desmond Clark and Thaddeus Root

Those who join The Red Circle provide a way to express long-term support for the dreams of the Studio. To become a founder or sponsor, please contact our Artistic Director, Bob Devin Jones at 727-895-6620. 

Business and Corporate Sponsorships

Business and corporate partners help provide critical support for the Studio and its programs. Sponsorships offer plentiful marketing opportunities are available for a variety of our programs.

Gifts and in-kind donations help supplement expenses so that we can continue to present high quality performances and programs at affordable prices, allow us to provide scholarships to both children and adults, and help us "behind-the-scenes" to analyze and improve the quality of our offerings.

Please contact our Artistic Director, Bob Devin Jones at 727-895-6620.