Women's Work Home Repair Classes

With Home Repair Pros Davis Brooks and Maggie Romigh

Date(s) & Times

Final Session June 25, 2016

10 AM - Noon



Classes are $25 each, or $100 for all four.

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Red Circle Sponsors: Bill and Hazel Hough, Susan Beaven, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation, Norman and Mirella Smith

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The Studio@620 wants to help you become more "Handy"! Home repair pros Davis Brooks and Maggie Romigh will teach a series of hands-on classes designed to give women the knowledge and confidence to tackle home repair and maintenance.

How often do leaks and squeaks and ceiling fans in boxes languish, while you wait for someone else to do it? Most projects are ones you can tackle yourself, with the right tools and an understanding of how things work.

Our Women’s Work classes will give women a safe environment to try things out and learn, and get past stereotypes that women can’t use tools. We aim for confidence, camaraderie, fun and hands-on learning.

Learn how to:

- Take care of small problems before they turn into big ones
- Care for and improve your home
- Make furniture and appliances last longer
- Buy an older, less-expensive home that needs some work
- Save money
- Know when to call in a professional, and know what you’re talking about when you negotiate with contractors.

Classes are held once a month on a Saturday morning from 10 am to noon at The Studio@620, and include time for Q&A about your real-life problems. Class space is limited, so please register in advance. Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes and bring your favorite pair of work gloves.

Saturday, March 19

The Basics: Home safety, overview of tools, power tools and tool use

Saturday, April 2

Plumbing Basics: Toilets, showers, faucets, water heaters. Clogs, leaks, shutoffs, valves and how it’s all connected.

Saturday, May 7

Electrical Basics: Breakers, switches and outlets, light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Saturday, June 25

Carpentry Basics: Cabinets and shelving, moulding, windows, trim, baseboard. Everyday issues with chairs, floors and doors.


Davis Brooks and Maggie Romigh operate Dragon Slayers Services, tackling your time and energy challenges and slaying those dragons for you.