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USF St Pete Graduating Seniors Exhibition

Date(s) & Times

May 5, 2015

6-9 PM






Red Circle Sponsor: J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation

USF St Pete

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The work in this exhibition will address “Interactivity versus Connectivity,” a recurring theme within the world of graphic design. The exhibition will explore the importance of graphic design and the different means by which designers can enhance, diminish, and change active communication in our society. As the result of site specific in depth research, each student has created unique work that focuses on an individually chosen issue within this open theme.

The 16 participating designers in this show are: Shadielly Antigua, Kara Kronen, Sierra Schneider, Suzanne Sidler, Laura Miller, Mia Culbertson, Cody Clark, Kathleen Buckley, Jocelyn Hall, Anthony Freese, Steven Rescigno, Drew Sork, Dylan Madigan, Jennifer Ringhof, Kaitlyn Messineo, and Amanda Minkel.