Tiny Bedtime Plays for Kids and the Stressed Out

Live Theatre Over the Phone

Date(s) & Times

May 17-21, May 24-28, and May 31-June 4, 2020

7:45 PM

Presented Sunday through Thursday evenings


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Dial up a direct connection to live performers and the camaraderie of being part of a live audience as we perform short, fun audio plays on the phone. We’re starting with a range of 5-minute plays for kids and stressed-out grownups who need a laugh.

All performances at 7:45 pm - in time for bedtime or a cheery moment of community to start your evening.

Performances will take place on a conference call, and you can laugh out loud and clap and talk to the performers after the show. It’s live theatre with our performers and our audience all safe at home.

We hope you’ll dial in often - three plays will be performed by rotating casts so we can employ more actors. Here’s to making theatre in any way we can.

Pay What You Can

Use This Button To Donate. When Your Transaction Is Complete You Will Be Redirected To A Page Containing The Conference Call Dial In Information. Be Sure To Print That Page So You Know How To Participate.

Thanks to your donation, the professional actors and directors out of a job during quarantine will be paid for their work. The Studio@620 will get a portion of the proceeds to help keep this vital arts space running. Any donation is welcome, of any amount. Your generous gift can share these lively stories with kids and families facing financial hardship.

Tiny Bedtime Plays for Kids and the Stressed Out by Sheila Cowley

Ribbit - two frogs tidy up the pond before bedtime, fluff the lily pads and remember to light the moon.

Up in the Up -  a young bird would rather snooze in her purple, red and orange nest than learn to fly. But a rainbow has all those colors and more - way, way up in the sky.

Splish Splash - loopy Captain Zumba and Bing set sail for the Captain’s favorite island. Bing is sure that Zumba dreamed this crazy island up. But now it’s on a map - a map that looks suspiciously like something Captain Zumba drew with crayons.

Our Ensemble of Actors

Eugenie Bondurant
John Huls
Jan Neuberger
Mary Rachel Quinn
Stephanie Roberts
Mimi Rice
Ned Averill-Snell
David Warner
Kate Young

PERFORMANCES all at 7:45 pm

Sunday, May 17 / Splish Splash
Monday, May 18 / Ribbit
Tuesday, May 19 / Up in the Up
Wednesday, May 20 / Splish Spalsh
Thursday, May 21 / Ribbit
Sunday, May 24 / Up in the Up
Monday, May 25 / Splish Splash
Tuesday, May 26 / Ribbit
Wednesday, May 27 / Splish Splash
Thursday, May 28 / Isaac's Firetruck
Sunday, May 31 / Splish Splash
Monday, June 1 / Ribbit -With Special Guest Bob Devin Jones
Tuesday, June 2 / Up in the Up
Wednesday, June 3 /Splish Splash
Thursday, June 4 / Isaac's Firetruck

This is a project of Sparks at The Studio@620, a collaborative ensemble of all kinds of artists.