The Gloria Sirens

A Reading and Discussion with Local Lady Literaries

Date(s) & Times

June 29, 2014

7:00 PM



Donations Accepted


Norman and Mirella Smith

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Join the women of The Gloria Sirens for a reading and discussion sponsored by The Studio@620 and Wordier Than Thou.

Readers for the evening will include:
Lisa Lanser Rose
Suzannah Gilman
Tiffany Razzano
Gianna Russo
Gloria Muñoz
Heather Jones

At, we’re building a virtual auditorium where we and other creative women can promote the voices that impress and move us, where we can take artistic chances without fear of silencing, and where we’re encouraged, even goaded, to sing our riskiest songs and dare give full throat to our unspeakable truths.

Or to just be silly.

We hope that we touch and amuse you, but most of all empower you. We hope that whatever you hear us doing here, you think to yourself, “Aw heck, I can do that,” and then you go do it, or the artistic equivalent, somewhere, somehow.

To be treated as full writers (and not just women writers), we need our sisterhood, and that’s why The Gloria Sirens is here. Still not sure there’s a problem? For four years VIDA has tallied the rate of publication between women and men in the world’s most respected literary outlets. VIDA recently reported that although there are signs of progress, the 2013 numbers haven’t budged from the dismal 2012: most literary publications showcase fewer than thirty percent of work by women.

The Gloria Sirens galvanizes women wordsmiths and other artists together in person, in print, online, and across all time and space, mostly so we know we’re not the only ones who’d rather craft a time-traveling paragraph than watch Doctor Who.

Let’s get heard.