Tampa Bay Flute Choir

In Concert

Date(s) & Times

October 13, 2016

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Mark and Wendy Durand

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The Studio@620 welcomes the Tampa Bay Flute Choir. The TBFC’s repertoire includes original pieces composed for flute choir and arrangements of familiar classics. This concert features some of the group’s favorite pieces, ranging from Appalachian Fiddle Tunes and Puerto Rican peasant songs to an homage to the Hale-Bopp comet and a sonic depiction of a Klee painting. The audience will be treated to the sounds of jiggered piccolos, soulful alto flutes, and bold bass flutes coming together to create moments of musical magic.

The Tampa Bay Flute Choir was formed in 2012 by two passionate flutists, Judy Davis and Deanna Kilbourne. The group is made up of flutists from throughout Tampa Bay and is based in St. Petersburg. The mission of the Tampa Bay Flute Choir is to present high-quality, entertaining performances using the unique sounds of the modern flute choir.