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It's the holidays! And as much as we try to make them non-commercial and heart felt, you still might be in search of some gifts... Imagine that you've been shopping locally but still didn't find all that you need at the Holizaar and the person you're shopping for is already a memeber of The Studio so they don't need a gift membership, then you may have to do some online shopping. Well the good news is, now you can support The Studio@620 when you shop with an Amazon Smile account, it works just like shopping at Amazon only a percentage of each sale is donated back to us!
ALSO Please let us put in a gentle reminder that you can make a tax deductible donation to The Studio and give yourself the gift of another deduction all while helping The Studio continue its mission of building community through the arts and other interactive experiences.

Please use this link to support The Studio when shopping with your Amazon Smile Account!

Call The Studio office for help with a gift membership or to make a year end contribution 727-895-6620

OR You can use our online forms