Radio Theatre Project

Celebrating Families and Turkeys

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November 25, 20191

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Denis and Angie Lehane

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Families! You can’t live with them, and you can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without them. The Radio Theatre Project’s November show presents the many ways we live with them, happily and otherwise.
A Summer of Spring, by Vivian C. Lermond, takes us to a New England country inn with a young woman, mysteriously sent there by her late mother. Dark Matter, by Donald Loftus (a returning favorite!), inserts an otherworldly twist to a couple’s cocktail hour. Adam Szucnich’s Slow Dating takes us on a bittersweet experience with senior citizen speed dating, and The Visit, by Robert O’Connell, is a darkly comic look at 3 generations of women. Of course there’s a turkey tale, too, that involves Martha Stewart, a Trump-esque farmer, and some turkeys from playwright Robin Rice – Save the Turkey! Sure, it’s a lot to “stuff” in, but it will get you ready for the big feast!