Radio Theatre Project

Live at The Studio!

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November 28, 2016

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Dennis and Angie Lehane

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Join us for the monthly installment of LIVE Radio Theatre!
Thrill to the dramas and laugh with the humor, all brought to life by in the moment Foley artistry! (that's sound effects!) Come and enjoy and watch it all happen right before your very eyes! If you're disappointed that a woman won't be in charge after all, Radio Theatre has some relief - a line up of shows mostly written by women, and all celebrating women. They're original new scripts, clever and touching, and sure to make you think and laugh. Janet Keeler will debut Mercy Me, and there's a fun surprise in Matt Cowley's Backstage. Other delightful new pieces include F4 by Elin Hampton, I'm Really Sorry by Patricia Cotter, Eggs by Jennifer Jasper and The Talk from France-Luce Benson, all performed by the RTP Ensemble.