Private Signs and Runes

Works by Clare Dygert

Date(s) & Times

November 9-30, 2019

Gallery Hours by Appointment

Opening Reception Saturday November 9, 2010




Red Circle Sponsors: Denis and Angie Lehane

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The Studio@620 welcomes emerging artist Clare Dygert as she presents a solo exhibition, Private Signs and Runes. Her photographic works have a mysterious, ethereal quality that invites the viewer to wonder about hidden meanings or messages being conveyed to us from nature and other external sources. These small works will be presented in the intimate space of The Studio's Ellis Gallery.


Artist Statement

 When I was little, I experienced “not knowing” a lot. It was as though everyone else in the room had been around for some explanation that I had missed, and so what seemed sensible to them, was puzzling to me.
I still feel like that a lot of the time. My art is made to share that feeling with those who see it. Are there languages we don’t know how to read being written inside the bark of trees? Do the scratches in the sand have meaning? Are natural phenomena, the phases of the moon, the marks of waves, or the collapse of an old house messages I don’t know how to interpret?
If you look at these images and think, “I have no idea what this means,” then you are having precisely the experience I hoped for you. The truth is that we see a tiny portion of the fascinating world around us. Our storytelling brains fill in the gaps, and make a whole picture out of crumbs. It is good to remember that crumbs are really all we experience. Remembering this will make us less judgemental and more open to the moment. As you look at my images, be open to the feelings they arouse in you and the stories they imply.

About the Artist

Clare is an emerging artist who makes photography-based images and book art. Her work is conceptual, intuitive, and atmospheric, and relies on composition in the camera and the transfer process to give additional meaning to the images. She lives in the Tampa Bay area and is interested in alternative photography, monoprinting, and non-traditional bookbinding.

Clare Dygert’s work has been included in these exhibits:
• Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa; Members’ Exhibition (2018 & 2019)
• Canadian Book Artists and


Image shown: The Golden Ticket