Moments Awake: A Musical by Matt Schwartz and Danny Tieger

Script by Annie Mebane

Date(s) & Times

July 10, 2016

7:00 PM



Suggested donation $10

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Red Circle Sponsors: Dar Webb and Clint Page

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Join us for the first staged reading of "Moments Awake", directed byBob Devin Jones. "Moments Awake" tells the story of two parallel daydreams. It begins on a NYC subway platform when a man and a woman meet eyes. In that instant we are thrown into two fantasies: in his we see an entire life spent with her. In hers we see one single night spent with him. Throughout the course of these fantasies our hero and heroine at first feel as though they’ve met their most perfect match. However, things take a turn, fantasies crumble, and they’re left back in the Subway station and forced to decide: should they live life outside of their own heads and say hello to a perfect stranger? Or should they board that train and let a daydream be nothing more than a moment of wondering “what if”?
The astounding cast includes Allison Burns, Justin Lore, Kylin Brady, Charlotte Pickard, Sharon Scott, and Jim Sorensen