Modern Portraits

Paintings by Robert Phelps and Ron Satlof

Date(s) & Times

May 8-13, 2015

Gally Hours by Appointment

Opening Reception Friday May 8 from 6:00-9:00 PM




J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation

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Join us for a look at portraiture thru the eyes of two local painters and appreciate their unique perspectives on faces that range from famous and familiar to perhaps even furry! Robert Phelps is recognized for his vibrant figurative work and uniquely-colored portraiture. Thru his work he strives to express the raw, intimate beauty of his subjects. His portraits range from a menacingly-brooding Mike Tyson to adorable teacup chihuahuas. Ron Satlof paints portraits of subjects who interest him in a style that offers "something more" and is more than simply an imitation of a photograph, both for his own pleasure and as commissioned by clients. His work ranges from stars of stage and screen to local figures, friends, and family.