Mere Mortals by David Ives

Presented by Gypsy Stage Rep

Date(s) & Times

January 21 and 23, 2014

8:00 PM

Tuesday and Thursday



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Linda Stolzman

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The Studio@620 continues to partner with Gypsy Stage Rep as they present "Mere Mortals", a collection of six one act plays by David Ives on Tuesday and Thursday January 21 and 23, 2014 at 8:00 PM.

This critically acclaimed evening of comedies combines satire, wit, hilarity and intellect. "Mere Mortals" gives us six wild and whacky plays that deal with the issues of male-female relationships, dating and mating, mortality, literature, and man's desire to better himself through fantasy.

In David Ives' one-acts, anything can happen: A construction worker can be the Lindbergh baby, mayflies can ponder their mortality, and a Hispanic souvenir salesperson can turn into a German doctor in the blink of an eye. If you like fast-paced, quick-witted writing, you'll find "Mere Mortals" a very enjoyable evening of theater.

 All Seats $15

A limited number of red Studio@620 member tickets will be accepted for this production. Call 727-895-6620 to RSVP