Loy Seven

An art show that asks "Which Buddha represents you?"

Date(s) & Times

September 17-23, 2013


Artists Reception with DJ Remington on Saturday September 21 from 6-9 PM




Hal Freedman and Willi Rudowsky

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The Studio@620 welcomes the return of painter Loy Khambay as she presents her second exhibition of works, "Loy Seven".  This series is based on the traditional teachings of Buddha.  Traditionally it is believed that Buddha spent 7 days following his enlightenment. Each painting will represent the one of the seven days of the week.  The viewer is asked to pay attention to the Buddha image which corresponds to the day on which they were born.  Come discover  "Which Buddha represents you?"  Artists reception on September 21 from 6-9 PM will feature Asian deserts and music from DJ Remington.  Admission is free and open to the public.

Artwork will be on display September 17-21, 2013 during gallery hours 12:00-4:00 PM.

About the Artist

My birth name is Kheuthmy Khambay which means Grow Rich Gold Leaf. Loy is what close family and friends call me, it either means slip away or swim. I was born in a small village in Savannakhet, Laos. I grew up in Saint Louis, MO and Saint Petersburg, FL. My love for art has been since I was a little girl, I used to just sit there and watch my uncle Thai Khambay draw. I was inspired and mesmerized by his drawings, by the age of 8, I started to draw with him. Luckily for me, the tough love gave me the strength, determination and blessings that was encouraged by my parents. It drove me to excel.

I received my degrees in Commercial Arts along with a Film &Video Production degree from Full Sail University. Soon after I graduated from Full Sail, I headed out to Los Angeles, CA. I had an internship with Women In Film and than worked on various projects. In that world, I went from working in post-production, production, and than pre-production. It was a backward process for me, not what I was taught in school. Today, I only work on projects that I feel that it is worthy to me. If it is going to a good cause or if it is my seed that I am planting. Through all of that process, I found my love and that was returning back to my art.

My art is Feng Shui inspired, each of the pieces is to demonstrate how a piece of art can change the feel and energy of the room. Art reflects the mood, the tastes and the attitudes of different people. I love working with oil, in its slow drying process, oil gives me plenty of time to communicate with my canvas. It gives me time to think as much as I need. I feel that oil is a very flexible medium.

In 2007, I decided to come out of hiding to reveal my artistic talent from my family and friends. I held my first and solo art show called the Ah-Loy Show. With that success, I plan on having a show every year along with a new theme to showcase my vision.

I would like to encourage and inspire those with art to help people to enjoy not only for them but to the whole world. Enjoy your journey and don't worry about a few rough patches along the way. I think that it is a reminder for us to appreciate everything that we have today because it can be taken away tomorrow. Follow your dreams, and take that step.

"Whether it is love, success, or wealth that they want in their life. Art has no judgment."


About DJ Remington

By transcending convention with his captivating mixes, Remington surpasses your expectations of a DJ. He grew up in a military family from Spokane, WA, moved to numerous states & never stopped short of any adventure. Early on he was exposed to a variety of music & it became apart of his life. Starting on piano & playing at recitals, as many children do, he developed a passion for performance. The fire inside of him was set and simmering.

Though music was always apart of his life, Remington wasn't exposed to DJing and electronic dance music until he moved to Boston. While there, he worked for Buzz, Venu & Rumor (nightclubs), as well as various block parties, and was enthralled with the art behind DJing. During his formative years as a DJ, he experienced the best that NYC & Miami had to offer, and worked for the Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach for many years.

Currently, Remington is a resident/host on Pure EDM Radio, a 24/7 worldwide (UK based) dance radio station, playing only the best in electronic dance music. With his meticulous standards, intuitive grasp & raw talent with house, tribal & underground techno, Remington is sure to entertain his audience & compliment his surroundings where ever he goes.