King Wawa

A World Music Event

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February 21, 2015

7:00 PM




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Katee Tully and Helen Levine

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King Wawa's music is skillfully flavored with a distinctive sound destined to transport the listener to a different world. With Haiti as your first destination, enjoy the ride as you are piloted onward for an uplifting and spirited musical journey through ,Africa, The Caribbean and America. King Wawa is encompassing World Music through Afro-Caribbean, Cultural, Folks and Traditional music, Pop, Kompa, Zouk, Reggae and other world beat rhythms, his music is tropically unique with a magic pulsation agreeable to the heart and powered to make you dance! Everyone will love the music of King Wawa ( Solo and The Oneness Kingdom Band."Inion' Rwayal Jazz"). Since his debut in 1998 he has toured the country and the globe supporting three CD releases. Join us as he continues his musical mission of delivering the best in uplifting and danceable music loved by audiences everywhere.

Watch a video from his latest CD, Haiti Will Rise Again, here.

Learn more about King Wawa on his website Welcome To King Wawa Entertainment