Kenny Jensen : Intimate Immensities

Curiosity Cabinets of the Floating Woods

Date(s) & Times

January 31 - February 7, 2015

Opening Reception

Saturday Jan. 31
6-9 PM
Closing Reception with artist's talk
Saturday Feb. 7
6-9 PM

Tues/Weds 11AM-5PM
Thurs/Fri/Sat 11AM-9PM




Lynda Stolzman
Wannemacher Jensen Architects, Inc.
Rachel and Erin Jensen Akil
Green Bench Brewing Co.
ABA Solutions Inc.

The Studio @ 620 is excited to present “Intimate Immensities: Curiosity Cabinets of the
Floating Woods” the premiere exhibition of local artist Kenny Jensen–our own Gallery
Curator & Studio Manager. This wide-ranging collection comprises nine visually distinct
yet thematically interwoven bodies of work featuring more than sixty recent artifacts
created or collected over the past two years, as well as several older works dating back
to the mid 2000s. From large, sculptural array to minute, fragile drawings, these varied
explorations dwell in the margins between: the traditional and experimental, the familiar
and unfamiliar, pattern and chaos.
The resulting installation embodies a culmination of themes and practices developed
over the past decade; some of which were conceived during the formative time as
an orchestrator of Project Creo; the former contemporary art space at The Pier. In the
proceeding years these ideas have been further cultivated outside of gallery settings
finding more fertile ground in Florida’s unique wilderness; engaged through the lens of
Floating Woods, the Jensen family land, located within the heart of the Nature Coast.
“Intimate Immensities” signifies a reemergence into the community; a synthesis of
swamp and gallery.