Just For Youth

Book Release Gathering with Ricky Roberts III

Date(s) & Times

December 6, 2015

4:00-6:00 PM





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"I am excited to release my latest book, "JUST FOR YOUTH"! This book is dedicated to the youth of our world. Without them we have no future."--Ricky Roberts III

The Studio invites you to come say hello and get your signed copy of the book for yourself and/or a young person you know. Touching on everything from pursuing your dreams, to being compassionate, to being yourself, this book will inspire you to not only do your best, but to be your best in all aspects of life.

Q&A and short talk at 5:00 PM.

You're invited to bring as many youth with you as possible. Although this book is for the YOUTH of our world, "adults" can enjoy the read too.

Ricky Roberts III has taken his own challenges as a young person, his unwavering passion to impact youth in a positive way, and the inspiration he gets from the 1000’s he speaks with on a yearly basis, to offer insightful and encouraging words to empower YOU to see the greatness in who you are, and what you have to offer the world around you. 

Ricky Roberts III is an author, speaker, visionary, and founder of You Are Valued, which inspires young people (all people for that matter) to see the value in who they are, and appreciate the same in others. This is Roberts’ fifth book proceeded by: YOU, What Really Matters?, Where Did the Gift Go?, and Awakening the New You : The Path to Transformation. Roberts enjoys surfing, skateboarding, art, writing, and spending time in nature. He is a native of St. Petersburg, FL.