How to Make Love with Authority

Featuring Kent Roberts

Date(s) & Times

April 15, 2013

7:00 PM





Susan Beaven

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The Studio@620 welcomes the return of Kent Roberts on Monday April 15th at 7PM as he presents "How to Make Love with Authority". Admission $5 per person, proceeds to benefit The Studio@620.

How to Make Love with Authority is Kent Roberts' final project for his Masters of Liberal Arts degree at the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg. The show fuses the abstract poststructuralist philosophy of Jacques Derrida with contemporary live performance.

Derrida believed that no language could have authority because everything was dependent on everything else. As he wrote in his essay “Differance”: “[T]he signified concept is never present in itself, in an adequate presence that would refer only to itself. Every concept is necessarily and essentially inscribed in a chain or a system, within which it refers to another and to other concepts, by the systematic play of differences.”

A play of differences, then, a sort of lovemaking between concepts, describes all communication. Authority is an illusion. Love is communication, the play – and what Derrida describes is an orgiastic interplay of all meaning, “an interlacing, a weaving, or a web, which would allow the different threads and different lines of sense or force to separate again, as well as being ready to bind others together.” 

Kent Roberts is a writer and actor. He co-authored, with New Yorker contributor Andrew Barlow, the 2005 Random House book A Portrait of Yo Mama as a Young Man. He has performed solo shows at the Brooklyn Lyceum, Minnesota Fringe Festival, and various colleges and conferences around the US. He posts both humor and serious essays regularly to his website,