Ha!Man in Concert

An Evening of Musical Creativity

Date(s) & Times

November 19, 2015

7:00 PM


There will be an additional performance Friday November 20th at The Dali Museum at 7 PM.


$15 general admission / $10 students and seniors

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Presented in partnership with The Dali Museum

Red Circle Sponsors: Dennis and Angie Lehane

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Francois le Roux, aka the HA!Man, is a South African cellist and multi artist that left the classical music world to embark on a journey of spontaneous music making. Self-managed, a network of support has grown globally over two decades that invites and accommodates the “HA!Show,” workshops in spontaneous creativity, and various collaborations. Joining him as partner is actress and word artist Joke Debaere. - See more at: http://thedali.org/event/haman-concert/#sthash.jUHX5VFR.dpuf

The HA!Show progresses in three parts, first a HA!Man solo section, then a section with Joke Debaere in the lead and finally a coming together of the two performers and the audience. Generally, the first part is more flowing with reflective and classical sounds, while the second introduces the detailedness of the word and dramatic elements. In the third, more communicative and embracing sounds and words conclude the journey. Apart from this general outlay, different items are not pre-planned and at various moments pure improvisation is at play. In this way, each performance unfolds uniquely, also in dynamic response to the general setting, audience and issues of the day.

The main mediums of expression are the cello, keyboard, poetry and song. Added elements may include dance, visual art, some flutes and percussion. As accompaniment, original electronic recordings and some video projection are drawn from an extensive library, managed from a computer and mixing desk on stage. The stylistic variation is wide and is categorized in nine different moods: mystical, classical, spiritual, experimental, energetic, jazzy, passionate, festive and finally all-embracing. In this way, audiences can expect to embark on an engaging journey that covers a range of textures, styles and especially feelings - a creative and thoughtful journey always nudging towards a connective destination.

The HA! enterprise is at heart connecting. At each event, forms can be completed, connecting to future performances and workshops, an ongoing cyber presence in the form of regular creative posts and the sharing of products. The latter include cds, books, dvds and a basket of art objects. Connecting directly with private and some professional hosts, a network has grown over two decades that spans annual tours in Southern Africa, Europe and North America. In various ways, global issues and perspectives - gained from all the travelling exposure - are brought to bear on local situations, especially in support of community empowerment.

HA! is essentially a matter of the heart, connecting raw instincts with the more defined functions of the mind. It places direct creativity at its core and is therefore ever-evolving, evading easy explanation. It is art that seeks to effect shared inspiration rather than self-admiration and hopes to contribute to the life and well-being of many individuals, local communities and our global destiny as a human family.

For more information about the concert event at The Dali Museum on November 20th click here.