Electrosonic Atmosphere II

An Evening of Far Out Sounds

Date(s) & Times

June 24, 2016

8:00-10:00 PM



$10 suggested donation

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Red Circle Sponsor: Norman and Mirella Smith

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Electrosonic Atmosphere II is an electronic interpretation of Delia Derbyshire’s most famous works recorded during her time at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Original recordings will be reworked and remixed using all analog Elektron instruments and performed live by No Soul To Sell with Ella Fredrickson performing live on the Theremin. Get ready for a deep journey into sound, mixing Delia's retro recordings with the newest in analog synthesis.

Delia Derbyshire reworks to include: Sea, Frontier, Ziwzih, Veils, Falling, Moogies, Depression, Nightwalker, Freezeframe and Colors...

Delia Derbyshire was an electronic music pioneer. While employed at the BBC she was attached to the Radiophonic Workshop where she created her version of Ron Grainer's "Doctor Who" theme as well as music for drama and documentary programs set in the distant past, unseen future, or deep in the human psyche. She had exploratory encounters with Paul McCartney, Karlheinz Stockhausen, George Martin, Pink Floyd, Brian Jones, Anthony Newley, Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson.

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