Eighth Annual Sunscreen Film Festival Camp

For Young Film Makers

Date(s) & Times

July 13-24, 2015

9 AM - 5 PM





Sunscreen Film Festival

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The Studio welcomes the return of this unique summer camp, which we've had the pleasure to host every July for the past eight years. Participation has quadrupled during this time. No wonder! Teens ages 14-18 have the opportunity to write, plan, shoot, edit and screen up to four movies and they do it with organization, zeal and jaw-dropping creativity. They love making movies and their parents are always amazed at the output. The camp is produced by our good neighbor, the Sunscreen Film Festival and its corps of volunteers. Because it's a community undertaking and has the benefit of volunteer support, it's not just one of the best film camp opportunities in America; it's the best value. Camp starts this year on July 13 and runs through July 24. The completed films are shown at a Sunscreen Film Camp Festival on the last day of camp. In addition, camp-produced movies are again screened at the annual Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg the following spring and each camper gets an all-access pass to the Festival.

For more information and to sign up, visit http://www.sunscreenfilmfestival.com/entry/summer-film-camp-july-13-24-2015.html . Or contact Harry Chittenden, harry@sunscreenfilmfestival.com or 727-420-0566.