DanceBreak Session 5

Featuring the projectAlchemy 2020 Momentum Artists

Date(s) & Times

October 16, 2020

8:00 PM



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DanceBreak Session 5 is bringing back the projectALCHEMY 2020 Momentum Artists with a twist—this time you’re a apart of the conversation. Join us on Friday October 16, 2020 at 8PM for a Q&A talk-back with Reneé Williams, Mads Waterman, and April Newcity as they discuss their most recent works from the Momentum Choreographers Showcase. They will be taking questions and comments from you via the Facebook Live-Stream Chat as well as recapping some of the highlights from the exhibit. So grab a drink, a snack, your thoughts, and tune in to DanceBreak Session 5.

Presented via Facebook Live - use this link to find the correct page:

If you don't see the live stream program starting at the appointed time, try refreshing your screen.