Co-Housing and Senior Co-Housing Seminar

Presented by Roger Grunke, Architect

Date(s) & Times

April 20, 2015

7:00 PM



$5 suggested donation


Red Circle Sponsor: Susan Beaven

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The road to self-empowerment…meaningful reconnection with your neighbors and friends…building a neighborhood where every household is a team-member…a “break-away” from the run-away consumer culture—Co-Housing is a an exciting way of life, now taking shape in Florida! Come learn more at this presentation.

Silver Panthers who refuse to succumb to the old-age home…are determined live active professional and contributing lives into their 10th decade (or more)…men and women who don’t want to be kept by their children…evolved beings who embrace diversity in every way—Senior Co-Housing offers a way of life for the “55 and older” set, that has never before been enjoyed in the history of civilization and is coming, here… to Florida!
Maverick architect, builder and visionary, Roger Grunke...the guy who when asked if he “colors within the lines,” replied, “What lines…I didn’t see any lines,” will lead a fascinating discussion on the revolutionary neighborhood types of Co-Housing and Senior Co-Housing. Long, a standard in northern Europe…and now, after the establishment of over 150 successful Co-Housing Communities in the US and Canada…Co-Housing is forming in Florida. Be one of the first to learn about this exciting movement and…if it is right for you, become a part of the movement that promises richness and vibrancy in every-day life, to every day of your life.