Bound & Release

A Collaborative Exhibit by Laura James and Saori Murphy

Date(s) & Times

September 4-October 2, 2015

Opening Reception Friday Sept. 4 @ 6-9 PM

Closing Reception and Artist Talk Friday Oct. 2 @ 6-9 PM

To see the exhibit call The Studio office 727-895-6620




Red Circle Sponsors: Kevin Lane, Mark and Wendy Durand

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“Nothing interests us which is stark or bounded, but only what streams with life, what is in act or endeavor to reach somewhat beyond.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Artists Laura James and Saori Murphy come together to create an interpretive view of interpersonal boundaries and their resolve in its release. Through the use of mixed media, Laura and Saori create a tapestry of visual responses to their own obstructed lens. These windows, reflections, and applications all become part of the fragile and interwoven dialog that we all create for ourselves.

About the Artists

Saori is a mixed media artist, sculptor, and illustrator that has produced a diverse body of
work fueled by her interest in how human interaction, behavior, and culture intersect. Her
work has been featured in several local galleries and businesses. Saori also works with local
retail businesses, boutiques, and independent artists in the community on CD cover art,
skateboard art, theater stage props, interior design, and branding/marketing materials. In
addition to her artwork, Saori is co-director and instructor for the Veterans Creating for
Community Program and a part-time instructor at the Beach Art Center and Painting With A

Having grown up in the panhandle of Texas, artist Laura now resides and works as a
professional painter in Palm Harbor, Florida. With a unique style and passion for vibrant color
combine to create bold abstract expressionist works. Her pieces have been purchased by
many corporate and private collectors across the country. Her work has shown in numerous
galleries in the Tampa, FL area as well as Nashville, TN. Laura also works with interior
designers and clients to create custom pieces for homes and businesses. The fluidity and
vibrant colors that are present in the majority of her work create an organic beauty. The
movement in the work is representative of the never-ending movement and diversity in life.
Her abstract expressionist works have the sensation of expectancy and motion.