Art People by Mark E. Leib

A Staged Reading Directed by Bob Devin Jones

Date(s) & Times

April 18, 2019

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsor: Susan Beaven

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Art People, a play by Mark E. Leib, is about the lives, loves and occupational hazards of eleven different artists - from a narcissistic dancer, a cash-strapped novelist and a viciously competitive cinematographer to a star-struck young poet, a scandalously honest monologuist, and a songwriter trying to forget his youthful ambitions. This is a play about the real lives of artists, the facts of which are usually kept hidden from admiring audiences. It’s a crazy life, being an opera singer, poet, violinist, or painter…and Art People is about that unparalleled insanity.

Art People will feature:

Ned Averill-Snell

Jacob Barrens

Elizabeth Fendrick

Bob Heitman

Robin O’Dell

Marie-Cluade Tremblay


Mark E. Leib’s plays and adaptations have been produced in New York, Chicago, Cambridge, St. Petersburg, Tampa and elsewhere. Leib, a Temple Terrace resident, was for 20 years chief theatre critic for Creative Loafing, and his columns there won seven awards for excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists. Leib teaches creative writing in the English Department of the University of South Florida and has recently completed a 450-page novel that’s looking for a literary agent. Leib is married to the amazing Elizabeth with whom he has one son, the supercool Jeremy.