ANYTOWN 25th Anniversary Banner Exhibition and Reunion

Exhibiting 25 Years of Anytown Banners

Date(s) & Times

December 4, 2015

6:00-9:00 PM





Red Circle Sponsors: Michael and Linda Connelly

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Community Tampa Bay is celebrating 25 years of their ANYTOWN program with an exhibit and reception on December 4th. The ANYTOWN: Youth Leadership & Diversity Education Program is a residential conference for teens that gives them a framework for having hard conversations with people who don’t look like them and an understanding of why that’s important. Students experience interactive workshops that teach and demonstrate the concept of “-isms” or systems of advantage that favor one group of individuals over another and the ways these systems create and reinforce discrimination. The banners on exhibit represent the history of the program. Alumni attendees and staff are encouraged to reconnect during the opening reception. If you aren't familiar with ANYTOWN this event will be a great introduction to the positive impact it has on our community.