An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show

by Zach Dorn

Date(s) & Times

April 25, 2015

8 PM




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Katee Tully and Helen Levine

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Returning to The Studio is Zach Dorn, who you may remember is half of the Miniature Curiosa team that brought us Moon City last year. Now Zach brings a solo project which weaves lost journal entries into peculiar tales by manipulating digital cameras through toy-sized streets filled with paper puppets. A lonely puppeteer stalks the child of two notorious celebrities, a three-foot ghost plagues an eight-year-old boy’s fragile psyche, and an opera-singing landlord refuses to return a security deposit. These stories and more explode onto the stage in this modern exploration into Toy Theater. It recently received a Jim Henson grant to transform it into a traveling show. It runs about 1 hour. This project recently received a Jim Henson Foundation grant!