Agent X

Modern Day Espionage Filmed On Location in St Petersburg

Date(s) & Times

June 22, 2019

7:00 PM




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The Studio invites you to a screening of the hit film Agent X! The movie starring Cranstan Cumberbatch, Richard Michaels Stefanik Mika Lawton, Louis Joseph, James Lincoln, and Tim Cameron was filmed here in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg!

Movie Synopsis:
Agent X, a former military contractor turned secret agent, is brought in on a mission to investigate several drone attacks. With every turn, he finds himself more entangled in a complicated web of conspiracy, cryptocurrency, and layers of corruption. The sunshine city can cast a deeply sinister shadow, with bitcoin mining, politicians, and Hit-men hiding along the shores of modern day St. Petersburg. No easy walk on the beach, he finds these sparkling sands leading him further into the world of espionage than he ever imagined.

Official Trailer:


The evening will include:


* Film Screening


* Director/ Cast Q & A

*Community conversation about local filmmaking in the Tampa Bay Area, Perks, and how to get more involved in this growing industry in this area.

*And so much more...

This special engagement is brought to you by the Studio@620, Open Partnership Education Network(OPEN), The Sunshine City Film Festival, DreamMakerz Productions, 909 Films, and

AmaznCran's Creative Works Inc.