A Little Freudian Slip: Dali Dreams Davinci

Written by Roxanne Fay, Starring David Mann

Date(s) & Times

June 21, 2015

3:00 PM



$15 /$10 students and seniors

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Salvador Dali has devised a bizarre, uniquely Dalinian way to remember dreams- and to test his methods, he has decided to dream the creator of dreams with the help of the interpreter of dreams. Aided by Freud’s study and interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s childhood dream, Dali will dream da Vinci in to being present in the room.

As Dali dozes, da Vinci materializes and wonders what this odd man before him could want to know about him, and not entirely pleased with Freud’s assessment of his psyche. In words and images, da Vinci imparts the story of his path of genius to the audience while instructing the sleeping Dali on the destiny of the artist and his art.

Discover the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, his own words and the story of the loves of his life- both the human and the machine.

Written by Roxanne Fay,and starring David Mann as Leonardo da Vinci.