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Contribute: A Public Forum on Community Action

Presented by New Roots News

Mark your calendars because on Saturday, Feb. 18, the New Roots News team hosts its third Contribute Community Action event at The Studio@620 from 7-10 p.m.

If you're not familiar with Contribute, it's a public event that aims to inform and educate Tampa Bay Area residents about local people, businesses, projects and organizations. There are so many incredible things going on in the bay area and the folks at New Roots want as many people as possible to know about them! Contribute is also a great place to meet neighbors, network, and learn how to get involved to help make St. Pete and its sister cities a better place.

Each Contribute has a sub-theme that falls under the general idea of community action and participation. The first event focused on public journalism and news media, the second on entrepreneurs and innovators. This third event celebrates collaboration!

Following the traditional Contribute format, there will be a panel discussion, presenters, live music, a raffle, and tasty treats. See below for a list of participants, and check back frequently for updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Panel moderator:

Creative Loafing News & Politics editor, Mitch Perry

Panel speakers:

Hampton Dohrman, director of Creative Pinellas, founder of Hampton Arts Management, and co-founder of Philanthropic Young Tampa Bay

Larry Biddle, principal at SweetSpotAds and director of Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

James Howard, publisher of Creative Loafing and member of the Ybor City Museum Society Board of Directors

John Morrow, president of Morrow Consultants, LLC


Christine Page, president of the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club

Mo Venouziou of LocalShops1

Adam Jahr, GLBT program manager at Metro Wellness and Community Centers

Jason Denniston and Rick Haschke, co-founders of Crunch Time Sports

Nick Hinckley, founder of Realizing Media and co-founder of New Roots News

Live music

Danfield, featuring John Holt III and Sean Fote

Brain food

Stinky Bunz, a Korean-inspired food truck

100% flourless, 100% organic chocolate cake treats by GateauOChocolat

Lonni's Sandwhiches



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