Midtown: Through Our Eyes
Photo exhibit and magazine show of the Midtown community —the challenges, dreams and richness of the neighborhood— through the eyes of the students.

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Soul Food restaurant

Program Overview

In its third year, the purpose of the Midtown summer camp is not just to teach journalism skills, but to open our children's eyes to the community around Melrose Elementary and John Hopkins Middle schools.

This 100-photo exhibit and 32-page magazine show the community of Midtown—
the challenges, dreams and richness of the neighborhood— through the eyes of the students.

As they explored Midtown, they recorded their views through words and photos. The students, who could choose from 36 field trips, visited the new Sweetbay supermarket in the heart of Midtown, uncovered the history of Lincoln Cemetary and interviewed the owner of the new Twigs & Leaves nursery.

An environmental detective showed students how he tracks down illegal dumpers and the students got to hear a blues guitarist perform inside the newly refurbished Manhattan Casino for the first time in decades.

These experiences provoked some interesting comments.

From seventh-grader Taylor Tingley, who lives in Meadowlawn: “There were different people down here than in the neighborhood that I live in. There are no
African-Americans in my neighborhood, and I’d like to see a mixture of people where I live, like you see in the neighborhoods in Midtown.”

Said sixth-grader Darion Johnson: “I really liked taking tours of all the new
places around Midtown. . . . I am looking forward to a lot more new businesses opening up in this area, because it’s where I live too. . . . Midtown is a beautiful place that I am proud to call home.”


Program Date & Time

10/06/06 - 10/15/06
Tuesday - Saturday
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Opening Party
6:00 pm


Free admission.

Donations appreciated.


Partially funded by:

Bank of America

The Community Foundation of Greater St. Petersburg