Painting by Alfred Hair

Painting by James Gibson

Learn more about The Highwaymen in a book by Gary Monroe called The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters. On sale at The Studio@620.


About the Artists

The Highwaymen is the name given to a group of young African American artists who came together in the late 1950's in the area of Fort Pierce, Florida. They were and are painters of the Florida landscape.  Identifying themselves as 'Colorists', they painted the real and the imagined landscapes of Florida with colors and forms that captured the raw energy of the land. Drawing on their own cultural heritage they abandoned the formal academic approach to representation and instead took from their own deep interior landscape a unique creative energy. They used this energy to construct a mythology of images that have the ability to touch everyone who sees them.

Related Events

Highway To Your Soul.....
Rediscovering A Disappearing Landscape. An exhibition of Florida Highwaymen paintings.




The Studio@620 and Gulfport's City of Imagination are teaming up for a three month long presentation and celebration of the unique art of the Florida Highwaymen. The exhibition begins during the month of June in Gulfport.  It is organized by the City of Imagination.  It will then move to The Studio@620 on July 14.


The exhibition is presented in three locations:

- Gulfport Casino
- Catherine A. Hickman Theatre
- Friends Room, Gulfport Public Library

Lunch with Mary Ann Carroll
12 pm

Luncheon is open to the public. (Donations greatly appreciated.) Please RSVP by 6/21/05.

Mary Ann Carroll, the only female member of the Florida Highwaymen, will be the honored guest at a special luncheon given at The Studio@620. 

Ms. Carroll is taking part in an exhibition of Florida Highwaymen in Gulfport organized by City of Imagination. 

Afternoon Reception

1-5 pm

There will be an afternoon reception to meet some of the Highwaymen Artists. The location is THE STUDIO COURT YARD on Beach Boulevard in Gulfport.

Artists present at the Afternoon Reception include:

- James Gibson
- Mary Ann Carroll
- Roy Mclendon
- Isaac Knight


Program Overview

An exhibition of paintings... to include lectures by scholars, visits and demonstrations by the artists as well as sales of their paintings, a brunch and a theatrical event written by BDJ highlighting the rough civil rights period in which the Highwaymen worked.


The general exhibit is open to the public at no charge. See the Program Schedule for specific event admission.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Program Schedule

07/14/05 - 09/11/05
Tuesday - Saturday
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Admission: Free

Opening Party
Date: 07/14/05
Time: 6:00 pm
Admission: Free

We will celebrate the arrival of the Florida Highwaymen Exhibition, Further Down the Road. The evening will include some soul nourishment along with a lot of food nourishment, music, and poetry.

Florida Humanities Round Table Discussions
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission: Free

Scholars will present for discussion a variety of subjects relevant to the unique contributions and experiences of the Florida Highwaymen. Here's an example of one of the discussions:

09/09/05 - African American Folk Art and Florida’s Highwaymen: Florida’s Highwaymen now have a place in the history of Florida’s folk art. Their work says something about our landscape, the manner in which art is made and valued, and the political and social position of African Americans in the South. This presentation will present the Highwaymen in context, looking at the topics of folk art, African American art and experience, and the ways in which art is judged and valued.

Speaker - Dr. Kristin Congdon, Director, Cultural Heritage Alliance, Professor of Film and Philosophy
University of Central Florida

Staged Reading of Play: Further Down the Road: The Florida Highwaymen
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission: Free

Bob Devin Jones, Artistic Director of The Studio @ 620 has written a play dealing with the racial climate during the late 1950's and 1960's in which the Highwaymen painted and sold their work. It will be set in the city of Ft. Pierce, the home of the Highwaymen.

Artists Show and Sell
10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Admission: Free

Come and meet an intricate part of both Floridian and African American history. A number of the Florida Highwaymen artists will bring some of their current paintings to show and purchase.

Highwaymen BBQ’s
Time: 7:00 PM
Fee: $10.00 and Cash Bar will be available.

Come and enjoy the taste pleasures of a real southern barbecue as we bring our celebration of The Florida Highwaymen to a close. Plenty of paper napkins provided. Please RSVP.

The September 3rd BBQ will include an encore presentation of the play "Further Down The Road: The Florida Highwaymen."

On the Road: Traveling Trunk Show of Highwaymen
Traveling art exbit in local schools.

Program Sponsors

Al T. May

Tony Hayton