Two New Plays by chad Simonds
Two play readings by a young playwright new to St. Petersburg


chad Simonds

chad Simonds


Artist Statement

chad believes that, "theatre is not a luxury to be enjoyed by the few, but a necessity for the growth of humankind through the arts."

Synopsis of plays

Deus Ex Dinner Party is a one-act absurd farce highlighting the obligatory stage of friendships. When Henry and Elaine invite their middle-aged counterparts over for dinner, a routine evening between old friends becomes uncomfortably bizarre. In their desperate attempt to entertain Marion and his wife, Sophie, Henry's 'gift' for storytelling reveals long-forgotten bitterness hidden by years of idle small talk. Just when it seems their friendshps/marriages are falling apart, the four of them manage to concoct a scapegoat. The scapegoat to all their troubles comes in the form of a monster that supposedly dwells in the basement.

A Brochure on Death and Dying is the story of a chance meeting between two desperate, self-loathing young men who alter the course of their lives by finding the courage to act on impulse. This presentational style drama explores their relationship as if it were a split second in time before a frivolous mugging ends with a gunshot, and a beautiful relationship that could have been, never happens.


Program Date & Time

8:00 pm


$5.00 for students