Midtown Through Our Eyes
Melrose & John Hopkins students chronicle their community through photos and words.


Swimming at Wildwood
by Talia Washington

Dance in Focus
by Talia Washington


Program Overview

Over the course of three weeks this summer, 32 students from Melrose Elementary and John Hopkins Middle schools explored Midtown, chronicling that journey through photos and words.  The result is Midtown Magazine and Midtown Through Our Eyes, a photo exhibit.  Both of them will debut in September at The Studio@620.

The camp, aimed at fourth through eighth-graders enrolled in journalism courses at Melrose and John Hopkins, gives the students an up-close and personal look at the community surrounding their schools. Each day began with a press conference with VIPs from the community, ranging from Deputy Mayor Goliath Davis to School Board Chairwoman Nancy Bostock to NAACP President Darryl Rouson.  After that, the students broke into small working groups, either going  on one of 30-some field trips or preparing for their field trips. The field trips ranged from behind-the-scenes looks at Bama Seafood, the Midtown Post Office and Red’s Snak Shak to walking tours of Midtown neighborhoods like Wildwood Heights and Perkins. They also got to see neighborhood kids at play or work at Youth Arts Corps, Soulful Arts Dance Academy and the Royal Theater.In between all that, the students conducted interviews with folks who work in Midtown, from a doctor to rat catchers to a woman who does nails.  The camp was funded by Pinellas County Schools, a grant from H. William Heller, USF St.Petersburg, College of Education, and  a generous donation from Loftsville. Dozens of volunteers from the community, including the St.Petersburg Times and the Photodocumentary Press, pitched in to help.It was a rich, hands-on learning experience for the students, who left  summer camp with a much better understanding of  the Midtown community, the people who live their, and the beauty and challenges of the neighborhood.


Program Dates

Opening Night
09/16/05 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Exhibit Dates
Wednesday - Sunday
1:00 - 5:00 pm


The exhibit is open to the public at no charge. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Program Sponsors

Al T. May