A workshop performance, with music and reading, of an Irish love story by Dylan Glatthorn




Program Overview

A new Irish love story with book, music, and lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn.

This show hopes not, nor does it attempt to define all of what Ireland is.  Such a task would be next to impossible given all of the different opinions, anecdotes, and histories one region alone contains.  It is a love story with the background of Ireland in the turn of the century until the Easter Rising of 1916.

The story begins in a pub on the western coast of Ireland with Jack, a local, and his brother Liam, a patriot of Ireland, bickering about politics while everyone else is having more than a great a time.  Rachel, a lace-curtain Irish girl, is the life of the party.  Needless to say, her and Jack end up falling in love.  This presents a problem, however, being that she is arranged to marry a wealthy man by the name of Lochlann.  Once confronted by her parents, she leaves her family and all her wealth for Jack. 

As months go by, they come to realize that they have no where near enough money to survive.  She goes begging to her parents, who only turn their backs to her.  The only person who will give her any money is Lochlann, but only if she works for him as a house keeper.  She knows this is a trap in attempt to lure her in, but she has no other choice.  All the while, Jack still fights with his brother about politics.  All Jack wants is to live happily with Rachel no matter who the ruler, while Liam will stop at nothing to have a free Ireland ruled by the policies and beliefs of one true Irish manifesto.

Dylan Glatthorn

Starting this fall, Dylan Glatthorn will be going into his sophomore year as a music composition major in the Steinhardt School at New York University.  He is a recent graduate of Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School (PCCA) where he studied musical theatre.

During his sophomore year of high school, he wrote his first full-length musical, THE WAY IT GOES.  It included a four person cast and a four piece band in which he played piano.  Premiering at the Palladium Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida during his junior year, it ran for two nights and brought in a crowd of just under a thousand people.

During his senior year, he had his brass quartet, “Civilian March”, and his choral work, “Mon Ode A Vous”, showcased at the spring orchestra concert at PCCA.  At the end of his senior year, he received the Al Downing Jazz Scholarship, a Walker’s Rising Stars Scholarship, and the BRAVO award from PCCA – an extremely high honor.

Last fall, He began his attendance at New York University studying music composition.  In December of 2005, he submitted his string quartet and woodwind quintet into the NYU Fall Composition Readings for graduate and undergraduate composition students where he received first place for his string quartet, “The Days of Trains Are Comin’ Back”.  During the spring semester, he had three of his musical theatre works performed during NYU’s “First Stages” series.

This summer he assistant musical directed URINETOWN at the Palladium Theatre and will be musical directing THE WILD PARTY coming up in August.  This reading of his second musical in-progress, MANIFESTO, will give him the opportunity to receive feed back from the public before its completion within the next year.


Program Date & Time

07/21/2006 - 07/22/2006

7:30 pm


General Admission

Students and Seniors