Installation No. 1
Exhibition of combustion, explosion and flame by the Dainty Art Collective

Light show

Artists and Imagery

Program Overview

Installation No. 1 is the Dainty Art Collective’s first formal gallery exhibition.   The Collective was created for the purpose of collaboration, discourse and support with other artists.  Installation No. 1 is very much a conceptual extension of those principals; they helped to determine the allegorical medium of the show, which is the idea and image of combustion, explosion and flame.  In the Collective’s installation, the artists attempt to approach this expansive topic through one of its most celebrated forms, fireworks. The video, performance and sculptural installation treat fireworks as a metaphor for the collaborative and creative process.

The Dainty Art Collective’s members currently include Ainslee McAndrew, Zoe Friedman, Forrest Lewinger and Stefan Ransom.

Ainslee McAndrew
, has been residing in the St. Petersburg area for the past three years. Beyond Installation No. 1, her independent work mainly consists of painting installation and sound pieces, which have been previously shown in the bay area as well as Europe.

Zoe Friedman is truly happy when painting.  She also enjoys working with video and installation.  Working in an art collective is like trying to eat a whole watermelon in one bite but then realizing it tastes better to slice it.  You can also swallow it that way. 

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, musician and artist Forrest Lewinger explores a wide variety of ideas and topics through video, performance, sound, installation, and new genre art.

Stefan Ransom
, a local artist and musician, has been actively working and showing for the past four years in traditional and new genre fields. 

All of the artists are Eckerd College students.


Program Date & Time

09/02/06 - 09/08/06
Tuesday - Saturday
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Opening Night
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Free admission.

Donations appreciated.