EMIT: Gustavo Matamoros & Charles Recher
A stunning evening of sound and vision.


EMIT: Gustavo Matamoros & Charles Recher


Program Overview

Gustavo Matamoros experimental composer, performer and sound installation artist combines with Charles Recher creater of films and videos to present a stunning evening of sound and vision.


Gustavo Matamoros is an experimental composer, performer, and sound installation artist and the founder of the composer based group PUNTO. His music and sound installations have been featured at The Latin American Music Festival and at numerous venues in the U.S. and Europe. He co-directed the WORD(S) SOUND Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the producer of FISHTANK Radio Journal of New and Experimental Music on WLRN in Miami.

Charles Recher is an expert in multimedia installations. He has created more than 100 films and videos beginning in the early 1970's with his first public work Pushing, a looped film installation of life-sized people pushing one another. His groundbreaking work was featured in the "Masters of the Avant-Garde" program at Harvard University's Caprenter Center for the Arts. Recher's most recent work is Kwagh-hir, a documentary about the theater tradition of the Tiv people of Nigeria.


Program Date & Time

04/04/06 - 8:00 pm


$10 General Admission

$8 for seniors/students


EMIT, employees of the St. Petersburg Times through a newspaper's employee Giving Program, a match from the St. Petersburg Times Fund, Inc. and match funds from the Pinellas County Arts Council.