Fanatic Voyage

Paintings and sounds by artists from the Lower East Side of New York known as the Fanatic Voyage Collective


Wear Protection - Dave Vulcan

Wear Protection
Dave Vulcan

Cracked Heel - Steve Ellis

Cracked Heel
Steve Ellis

Infinity Animi

Infinity Anime (Detail)
Philly/Kondor 8

Blimp - Carlucci



Our noise is an organ of suppression and release
Infinity SS

Road to Nowhere - Daniel Pittman

Road to Nowhere (Detail)
Daniel Pittman

Me_3 - Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson

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Program Overview

Mission Statement

Fanatic Voyage #1

Philly/Kondor 8
Steve Ellis
Dave Vulcan
Daniel Pittman
Jack Robinson
Infinity SS

Program Overview

The Fanatic Voyage Show embraces diversity and brings it on with attitude. Dali and surrealism fans should appreciate the New York Collective and the performance art of the avant-garde noise collective "Infinity S>S>....".

Performances will occur on opening night in which the group encourages the audience to participate in the action.

Six NY artists and the group Infinity SS make up the diverse collective. With approaches ranging from urban punk, pop realism, graffiti, to surrealism, the art finds similarity in aesthetics and voice. Embracing uniqueness and individuality, the works are equally explosive capturing a chaotic air that mirrors a stormy turn of the century. Themes of "Paradise Lost"' "Political/Natural Disasters", and escapism, crash and meld from canvas to framed works ranging from hopeful to horror show. The collective creates a visual storm that metaphors current events and functions to aid storm victims with recent fundraisers in New York City, and Dallas, Texas.

Mission Statement

Post millennial New York provides a vivid tableau and a constant reminder of what has been and what could be. We live in this mutated place of great cultural past and uncertain future. All of us have been called on a fanatic voyage powered by the engine of a desperately beautiful creative exploration. We of fanatic voyage are passengers on the vehicle of our desire to explore and show our visions and dreams. Both observers and instigators, the artists are joined by a shared aesthetic of the moment and a collective reaction to the now. Our work creates a window to our downtown realities. We are artists with history brought together to inspire and support each other in an often hostile environment. Our objective is to travel the globe with our subterranean treasures.

The Fanatic Voyage #1

The Fanatic Voyage #1 (Detail)
2005, mixed media

Fanatic Voyage #1 was born in a basement, migrated from apt. to apt. making brazen pit stops, and was bombed on the streets of the L.E.S. while patrolling cops watched while searching for the crime. The locals and kids gave approval and it then flew back to Philly's roost where it finished itself. It is a time capsule of a long hot summer punctuated by the sound of jack hammers and collapsing buildings. Appropriation and renovation are the buzz words on the street. World wide this type of hood fights the last stand where nouveaux riche pre-fab replaces cultural history. Battling this new blandness with a high price tag founded on empty consumerism. It is a place where hints of natural and unnatural destruction lurk around every corner. We are explorers, encapsulated in purity and degradation, navigating our way through it all.


Program Date & Time

01/28/06 - 02/18/06
Tuesday - Saturday
Noon - 4:00 pm

Opening Night
6:00 pm

Show Finale
6:00 - 9:00 pm


The exhibition is open to the public at no charge. Donations are greatly appreciated. Some special events may have an admission charge.


Partially funded by:

Bank of America

Al May

Astrid Ellis

The Community Foundation of Greater St. Petersburg

Artists Bio's

Steve Ellis is a painter of pop culture still lifes ranging from inspirational disposable lighters to the subversive evidence of crashed cars. He is a painting teacher at the School of Visual Arts in NY. His art is seen on album covers, books, and film titles. He has had work shown in NY, LA, Japan and France and of recent, pilots "The Fanatic Voyage Collective".

Carlucci a native new yorker/guide/artist/graffiti historian and art teacher emeritus -all ages. He has been collaborating with artists and musicians on the lower east side for the last 10 years. Carlucci is a multi-media artist working in paint, collage, photography, video, jewelry, pattern design and sculpture. He has performed in NY at CBGBS, The Knitting Factory, The Slipper Room, and Arlene's Grocery and his and private benefactors such as Addidas, R. J. Reynolds, Levi-Strauss and the Art Students League.

Dave Vulcan moved to the East Village of Manhattan in 1979 and settled during the punk art, and crime scene happening in the LES. As founding member of the 1980's industrial rock band called, "The Black Rain", Vulcan has been active in the local music and art scene for the past 25 years. His etching into Polaroid film emulsion began in 1976 and presently his works consist of paintings done on photographic prints and linoleum block prints in archival inks.

Philly / Kondor 8 is a visionary artist of chaotic beauty - A downtown resident of NYC since the 80's - old style thrown against the wall of now - spray paint noize markers collage - with one foot in the stone age and the other in string theory - she is the queen of time and space.

Jack Robinson uses a computer scanner like a digital camera to take multiple images of a subject. He then collages the images together to make a life-sized digital composite print, creating work that questions and explores the space between the electronic and tactile; between the virtual and the real; between the distance of machine and the affinity of human intimacy.

Daniel Pittman came to NY in 1980 as a multi-media artist. In 1985 he became part owner of The Basement Aire Gallery, an underground alternative art space where Daniel is continuing to create new work and hosting shows of local artists. His collage and installation pieces symbolize stop and yield signs that warn of current and impending environmental and societal decay.

Infinity SS

Infinity SS Members

"We are infinity SS.  We are not a band and we don't do songs. Time tells all tales, and the infinity ss is beyond time. Infinity SS does not exist. Saint Stanton is the smelling salts of the information age. Come all ye and be healed! HALLELUJAH!!!! Our corpse is not exquisite. Happy Science Happy Science Happy Science is the perpetual search for the meaning of advancement of the human specie. We are a virus that infects your culture. Our noise is an organ of suppression and release. All hail St. Stanton and the twin goddesses from entropy and chaos."

Infinity SS