Experience China
An experience in St. Petersburg made in China : Tai Chi & Music


Dr. Zuo Zhen Wang


Program Overview

Enjoy an unusual evening filled with the sounds of China and the meditation of Tai Chi.

A evening of exotic performances by members of the local Chinese community will include ancient and contemporary music played on traditional instruments. In addition there will be a demonstration of the meditative movements of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi, an ancient exercise to develope your internal energy, will be demonstrated by a master of the art Dr. Zuozhen Wang.

Q&A Session
There will be a question and answer session following the concert and performance.

Performers for the evening in order of their appearence:

Professor Chuan Ming Hu
will perform 'Di Zi' on Chinese flute.

Dr. Zuo Zhen Wang will perform 'Er Hu' on Chinese violin.

Miss Jiang Hua Zhou
will perform 'Pi Pa' on Chinese guitar.

Dr. Zuo Zhen will perform traditional Tai-Chi.

Dr. David Lee will perform 'Chi-Gong' - Zhuan Falun.

Chuan Ming Hu, Zuo Zhen Wang and Jiang Hua Zhou will play traditional Chinese music together.


Program Date & Time

7:30 pm


Open to the public. Donations are greatly appreciated.