3 for the Soul
A collaborative evening of art, dance, theatre, music and poetry

3 for Soul  

Program Overview

A collaborative evening provided by 3 downtown St. Petersburg arts institutions. Enjoy a free evening of art, dance, theatre, music and poetry. A trolley will be provided for transportation between the three locations.

Arts Center

Renée Stout:
Church of the Crossroads

719 Central Ave.

Renée Stout utilizes her skills as a photo-realist painter to imbue her mixed-media works and installations with socio-historical critiques, Vodou imagery, and elements of African-American, Creole, and African culture. Docent tours available continuously through the evening. Live jazz guitarist Nikola— refreshments served.

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Renée Stout:
From Four until Midnight— The Music and the Necessary Noise

04/07/06 - 04/28/06
The Studio@620

The Studio@620

Soulful Arts Dance Academy

620 1st Ave. S.

Come and enjoy an original work of dance commissioned by the Studio and created by Paulette Walker Johnson, Artistic Director of Soulful Arts Dance Academy. The piece was inspired by the necessary work of Renée Stout and the irresistible noise of Bluesman Robert Johnson which you will see and hear when you pass through the doors @620 —refreshments served.

Florida Holocaust Museum

Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo

55 5th St. S.

Tom Feelings’ Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo is a haunting reminder of the dark time in American history when human beings were imported as cargo from the old world of freedom in Africa to the new world of slavery in the Americas. “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union” A staged reading of actual slave narratives and antebellum reminisces compiled by Bob Devin Jones. A cast of ten prominent members of the community will share these compelling histories— refreshments served.



Program Date & Time

6:30 - 8:30 pm