Vivaldi’s "Griselda" and other Baroque tales of Broken Hearts

Sunshine City Opera

Date(s) & Times

May 25-26, 2017

7:00 PM

Thursday and Friday



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Sunshine City Opera

Red Circle Sponsors: J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation

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Showcasing excerpts from Vivaldi’s Griselda alongside Handel’s La Lucrezia and Partì l'idolo mio, this program features rarely-performed Baroque opera and cantatas presented by early music specialists from around the country. This semi-staged production for soprano and mezzo will be performed alongside a late 17th century style harpsichord with cello continuo. Two nights only! Don't miss these exuberant and highly demanding pieces.
Music Direction by Dylan Sauerwald
Stage Direction by Erin Huelskamp

“This program explores vocal music by two of the greatest masters of baroque vocal music. Vivaldi, known today almost exclusively for his violin concerti, was a prolific and talented composer of opera. Dazzling, rarely-heard arias from his Griselda tell a story of a woman whose virtue and strength win over a kingdom," says Dylan Sauerwald, Music Director.

"On the other side of the coin, this program shows Handel at a rare and special moment of his life. In his early twenties, traveling in Italy, he wrote his most explosive and daring music for the intimate courts of the Roman elite. Not having to please a ticket-buying audience, these works explore extremes of emotion and technical difficulty hardly equaled in all music history.”


Griselda (excerpts) by Antonio Vivaldi

La Lucrezia, George Frideric Handel

Partì l'idolo mio, George Frideric Handel


Thea Lobo, Mezzo

Ashley Roper, Soprano

Shirley Hunt, Cello

Dylan Sauerwald, Music Director and Harpsichord