The Divine Connection Between Form and Nature

Artwork by Jacqueline Amick

Date(s) & Times

October 3-9, 2014

6:00 - 9:00 PM

Opening Reception Friday October 3, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours :
Saturday October 4 / 12-4 PM
Tuesday-Thursday October 7-9 / 12-4 PM




Mark and Wendy Durand

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Jacqueline Amick is an emerging artist from Saint Petersburg FL, who is currently getting her BFA in Intaglio Printmaking at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is a newly found Intaglio printmaker who has chosen to specialize in Copper etching and woodcuts. She also works in oil painting on canvas and incorporates hand painting in her intaglio/relief prints.

The Divine Connection Between Form and Nature is an exhibit that displays the relationship that our Great Mother- Gaia, has with all she has created; the elements and the life forms of our earth. I use the classic forms of printmaking with intaglio & relief, along with oil painting on canvas- to try and show my appreciation to the strength and beauty that surrounds us in all its divine prosperity- positive and negative.

"The inspiration for this body of work came from my mother, who passed away in 2008; and in my eyes, has been placed back into the earth and has become part of Gaia. In many ways Gaia is the source of this body of work- but more specifically the source is my mother herself.

This exhibit will also display the copper plates and woodcuts that I have manipulated and carved out to create these works. I chose to display these plates to not only allow the viewer a bit more incite into the style of printmaking I work with, but also to show the relationship that I have with them- copper in particular. I have developed somewhat of a romantic relationship with my copper plates and I wish to show that. Copper is ultimately the life source in my eternal love for Intaglio Printmaking." -- Jacqueline Amick