The Artist Spotlight Series at Empouria

Featuring Brandon Marshall

Date(s) & Times

May 1 - June 5, 2013

Empouria Hours

Artist's Reception Friday May 10 from 7-9 PM

Empouria The Art of Beer
29 Third Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701




J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation
Norman and Mirella Smith

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The Studio@620 is partnering with Empouria to present the "Artist Spotlight Series" featuring artwork by local artists on the walls of Empouria, located at 29 Third Street North in downtown St. Petersburg. Each spotlight exhibition will feature work from one artist who will be on hand during an artist reception to meet with people and talk casually about their work. Each solo spotlight show will be on display approximately one month. This partnership between The Studio and Empouria merges two visions that overlap, blending visual art and the art of beer. Join us at Empouria for the next exhibition in the spotlight series and meet the artist on Friday May 10th from 7-9 PM.

Spotlight on Brandon Marshall

"In my first apartment my room mate and I were fixing cracks in the shower with some clear caulking. I used an old metal spoon to smooth out the corners and after the job was done I placed the spoon to the side and didn't return to the job for several days. The next attempt at fixing my crumbling bathroom I was using a tube of white caulking to fill in the remaining cracks and once again used the metal spoon to smooth out the caulking. After completion I began to wash the white caulking from the spoon when I noticed the depth and texture I was creating with the two kinds of caulking one being dried and the other malleable as well as the water being used to wash the caulking off with. This was the beginning of a life long quest to create my own style of work that no one has ever seen before.

School was never very interesting to me so I decided to not go to art school and fully wrap myself in my work by self teaching myself. I found myself very intrigued by the works of Jackson Pollock and found similarities between my work and Mr. Pollocks . I prefer to work big and with no visible frame. My work has no boundaries and seems like it could continue off the edge of the canvas. I do not like to use any recognizable features accept for rudimentary shapes and I find myself to make work with a lot of repetition of these shapes. My work consists of many layers of texture and color and you could take any square inch of my work and it will be completely different than the next section. I work in abstract because I prefer to let people have their imagination create what they see and not be influenced by what I want them to see.

Over the last ten years as an artist I have lived in many places some small some large and some that have been completely washed away. I believe my work has been influenced by what I see and places I've been. Because of this my work has metastasized into what it is today and I passionately believe that I'm on the right track to become an artist well respected by the world." -- Brandon Marshall