Sunscreen Shorts@620

Hosted by Sunscreen Film Festival

Date(s) & Times

August 28, 2018

7:30 PM

Fourth Tuesday of the Month




Red Circle Sponsor: Kevin Lane

Series Co-Sponsor: Sunscreen Film Festival

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Did you know that Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, George Lucas, Paul Thomas Anderson and Sofia Coppola all launched their careers by making a short film?
Join us each month as we feature a handful of short films, each chosen from the past years of the Sunscreen Film Festival. These top notch films range in length from 90 seconds to 30 minutes. When combined, you're in for over 70 minutes of big screen entertainment!
Each evening will offer a mix of genres: drama, comedy, sci-fi, thriller, documentary, foreign, animation, LGBTQ, and web-series. Never the same mix twice, each gathering will be full of surprises with occasional guest appearances from film makers and actors. So come in, get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

This evening's line up includes:

  • Winning comedy short by Andi Matheny from 2017
  • Gripping drama on opioid addiction
  • DScumentary on what chemical sunscreens are doing to our reefs
  • Spanish comedy about a hotel where the Virgin tries to help people
  • Local film by David Scott Leatherwood on the negative impact of cell phones on relationships
  • Clever short film from the the Sunscreen high school film camp in 2017
  • Why we need a teddy bear at night
  • Oscar nominated fun film on frogs throwing a party
  • Charming film about a professional cuddler and musician


Mark your calendar for these future dates: September 25, October 23, and November 27, 2018