St. Pete Next

Sponsored by Syracuse University School of Architecture, Graduate Studio

Date(s) & Times

February 28, 2018

4:00 PM





Red Circle Sponsors: Katee Tully and Helen Levine

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The symposium, organized by Syracuse University School of Architecture, brings together local and International experts to discuss two of the most significant challenges of our time: rapid urbanization and climate change, in a city with many of the world’s greatest opportunities and threats. According to a July 28, 2017 story in the Washington Post, Tampa Bay is the most vulnerable metropolitan area in the nation to the threat of flooding due to hurricanes. And this threat is only exacerbated by climate change due to rising sea levels and the potential for ever stronger storms fueled by warmer ocean water. As currently developed the City of St. Petersburg could not be more at risk. The panel will consist of Ray Arsenault / USF - St. Petersburg, Prof. Lori A. Brown / Syracuse Architecture, Maya Burke/Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Tim Clemmons / PLACE Architecture, Prof. Joseph M. Godlewski/Syracuse Architecture, Bob Devin Jones / Studio 620, and Sharon Wright / City of St. Petersburg. Prof. Mitesh Dixit of DOMAIN Office and Syracuse University will moderate the discussion.