Radio Theatre Project LIVE

November Edition: A Bounty of Treasures

Date(s) & Times

November 26, 2018

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Dennis and Angie Lehane

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The tenth season of Radio Theatre Project continues with our cast of players!
Come experience live radio drama!
The evening will start with a tribute to the late Ron Satlof. He was a founding member of the radio theatre, and came to Florida after a long and distinguished career producing and directing in Hollywood.
Then we’ll skip across the pond for a delightful post WWI story set in a London boarding house. “Let’s Dance” by Jane Walker has suspense, romance, and lots of charm. In “H.R.” by Ann Magaha, 2 English professors use a clever war of words to confound the university’s bureaucracy and an arrogant young department chair. And just when you thought the season of fright was over, there’s more with Kevin Scott Chess’s “Husband of the Cat Lady”. A couple moves into a very old house filled with feline history and mystery.