Plastic is the New Fish

Artwork by Amandine Drouet

Date(s) & Times

December 8-31, 2018

Additional Gallery Hours by Appointment

Opening Reception Saturday Dec. 8, 2018 5-9 PM

Plastic art workshop Sunday Dec. 9, 2018 2-5 PM

Guest lecture Thursday Dec. 13, 2018 7-9 PM


All Events are Free, Donations Accepted


Red Circle Sponsors: Michael and Linda Connelly

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The Studio@620 presents a new exhibit of sustainable modern artwork by Amandine Drouet.
Amandine Drouet gives a second life to her materials transforming them to something new. She rehabilitates what was cast aside or meant for trash - finding items either overlooked or random bits of garbage before becoming permanent parts of the environment. Chance guides her artistic process while it also feeds a constant recycling project. These found objects inspire new ideas as they coalesce into bodies of work through a number of mediums.
In conjunction with the exhibition, CJ Reynold from USF College of Marine Science will give a talk about sustainability on December 13, 2018.
Also, a hands-on workshop will be offered for participants to create artwork from reclaimed plastic and learn more about Amandine's creative process on December 9, 2018

The workshop is free and supplies will be available, however participants do need to regsiters in advance by calling 727-895-6620 as space is limited. Also, participants are asked to bring their own plastic bags or other items to supplement provided supplies in the class.


Learn more about the artist at her website: