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A Multi-Media Live-Stream Event

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July 22, 2020

7:00 PM



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The Studio@620 hosts Christina Lee and Selena Ferrer who will be presenting a Live-Stream virtual performance that "incorporates the unheard voices suffering from Social Injustices through their artistic leads". Topics like Racism In America, Oppression, and Mistreatment of Minority groups will be conveyed through a projection as they dive into this powerful collaborative piece.

This installation will "be representing urban life and ‘civilized’ America as well as exposing the issues challenging that stigma by the powerful Youth of 2020. Themes of unjust policing, systematic racism and ’Black Lives Matter’ Movements will be presented. Although American History is taught to encourage guidance and leadership upon our youth, many of our education systems and programs are knit together by distorted timelines and systematic elements that end up sabotaging those who want to be a voice of truth and force when it comes to resolving these issues."

“Rejoice in these topics as Chrsitina and I create this ‘lost land’ being found. We are coloring our future with bright hues of equality, as well as speaking out to our community. The energy is needed during this time, and it is important that we not only use our talents to shape the next generations in this fight for justice, but pave the way for our community to be confident in their unique experiences and abilities to make a change.”

In addition to the live-stream multimedia presentation and DJ set, an art installation will be created in The Studio@620 front window that will be visible to the community through the end of the month.