Musical Theatrics: Micro-Operas and Dance

An Exciting Double Bill

Date(s) & Times

March 23, 2018

7:00 PM



$15 all seats

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Red Circle Sponsors: Bill and Hazel Hough

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The Studio@620 invites you to a unique musical event featuring two short micro-operas from Tom Sivak and a new theatrical dance work from a community collaborative including many local favorites! Additional details forthcoming, but take our word for it you won't want to miss this! Reserve your seats today!

About the Micro-Operas

FRANKIE AND GIANNI (25 minutes in duration)

Based on the story of Frankie and Johnny, this comic Micro-Opera uses music as a metaphor for love. When rock-n-roller Frankie finds out that Gianni has been singing opera behind her back, she does what every Frankie always does: shoots him dead. Following operatic conventions, Gianni sings one last aria as he expires.

TEEKA TEEKA (13 minutes in duration)

A male caged bird lusts for a mate. When a female bird is introduced to his cage, he is overjoyed, but learns that winning a mate requires love, not lust.