Musical Theatrics: Micro-Operas and Dance

An Exciting Double Bill

Date(s) & Times

March 23, 2018

7:00 PM



$15 all seats

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Red Circle Sponsors: Bill and Hazel Hough

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The Studio@620 invites you to a unique musical event featuring two short micro-operas from Tom Sivak and a new theatrical dance work "Air-Earth-Fire-Water", a collaborative project led by Sheila Cowley and Helen Hansen French. In "Air-Earth-Fire-Water", scientists wrangling with the real world join dancers exploring imaginative movement in this joyous work commissioned by Creative Loafing's GASP! Festival. Don't miss this one St. Petersburg performance of this collaborative project, celebrating science with theatre, dance, music, love and humor.

About the Micro-Operas

FRANKIE AND GIANNI (25 minutes in duration)

Based on the story of Frankie and Johnny, this comic Micro-Opera uses music as a metaphor for love. When rock-n-roller Frankie finds out that Gianni has been singing opera behind her back, she does what every Frankie always does: shoots him dead. Following operatic conventions, Gianni sings one last aria as he expires.

TEEKA TEEKA (13 minutes in duration)

A male caged bird lusts for a mate. When a female bird is introduced to his cage, he is overjoyed, but learns that winning a mate requires love, not lust.

About Air-Earth-Fire-Water

Written by Sheila Cowley

Choreographed by Helen Hansen French and Paula Kramer

Actors - Eugenie Bondurant and Chris Rutherford

Dancers - Helen Hansen French, Alex Jones, Erin Cardinal and Brian Fidalgo II

Original music on viola by A.J. Vaughan