Life Is Mostly Straws by Richard Manley

World Premiere Production

Date(s) & Times

February 26-28 and March 4-6, 2016

Friday and Saturday at 7 PM

Sunday at 2 PM



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The Studio@620 is proud to be the first theatre to mount a full production of Richard Manley's play "Life is Mostly Straws". With an all star cast of amazing talent, this show is a must-see.
Featuring Kylin Brady, Georgia Mallory Guy*, Chris Jackson, and Christopher Rutherford.
Directed by Bob Devin Jones

Synopsis: "Life is Mostly Straws" centers around David and Noah, two brothers
who shared a troubled childhood, during which they relied upon each other for
survival. Although successful by all outward signs and still very close, the fear
and self-doubt of their early days lie just beneath the surface of their apparent
confidence. As well, they have made words their weapon of choice. "Life is
Mostly Straws" is a literate play, where one character uses language like a
scalpel while the other wields it like a bludgeon, but each understands its power.

About Richard Manley: After two decades of success as a copywriter and advertising executive, Richard Manley started a second career writing stage plays. He rediscovered his passion for the sound of the language and its potential to entertain and provoke and inspire.

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity